“Even though I have lost my home and had to move quickly from Donetsk, I have found true sisters in Christ at Logos.”(woman who attends women’s bible study)
“I have always felt Gods presence in my life and am thankful that He cares for me.” (Anna,featured in last months newsletter.)
“I’m grateful to the Lord for Fr. Nicoli.  He opened the doors at Logos center and provided stability for my family.”
“I’m grateful to Pam for caring for our medical and spiritual needs and even taking the time to take me for a consult with a doctor which I needed.” (Lilia, single mom with stage 4 lung cancer)

“I’m so glad my son is attending Tae Kwon Do at Logos center with an expert master who is not only teaching this martial art but getting to know him personally and showing him Jesus.”

” I’m learning English at center Logos with a teacher who gets results and makes it fun to learn.”

These are just a few of the comments and thoughts of those who are still living at our center and others from the community who are taking advantage of what we have to offer at our wholistic center.

Each one has his or her own unique story and each ones thread is weaving through Gods tapestry of fine work which one day we will see as we worship Him together.

For now though Logos has a budget to make and we need your help in strengthening the support  base for these ministries.  For instance the Master of Tae Kwon Do does not charge for his expertise, however the center is being used.  For as little a $65.00/month /student(there are 12) you can help sponsor a young man as he not only has care for his physical body but also for his spiritual body.

Likewise the other ministries are free to the recipients but not free for the Logos budget so if you give to Logos and it’s budget you are supporting the people we care for.  People like Lilia (mentioned above) who has been jerked all over the medical community not receiving adequate care because she cannot pay.  We finally arranged for her to go to a reputable clinic where we received concrete answers to the symptoms that she has.

Or a middle-aged woman who has type 2 diabetes and needs insulin each month.  She cannot possibly afford the insulin and relies on us to subsidize her medical needs.
As this last quarter ends the fiscal year 2016, would you give to Christian Community Center Logos, which provides wholistic care to the marginalized in Ukraine?


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