God Sitings

I haven’t written on this blog for some time because I’ve been living out life, not ready to process or report on it.  I guess it’s time to put a few thoughts onto paper.  There is evidence of PTS here in Kyiv as I work with and serve people.  The smiles are strained and laughter comes but is often replaced then by a solemn pensive expression and reflection on the hardness of life.  The believers are trusting but weary as they wait for God to show up in different situations….and HE ALWAYS DOES.

Like recently I asked God to send a special little boy, A,from the neighborhood to our camp.  I said, “Lord  I can’t  find him and I don’t  know where he lives so please bring him to us.”   That very day he came running down the hill and greeted me with this big smile.  He had the best time hearing bible stories, doing crafts and playing with the team.  Then a month later I prayed again,”Lord I’d love to see my little buddy A.” As I came out of my office door, who was playing soccer with the kids at our center, but little A himself.  When I told him that I had just prayed to see him he said,”yeah I missed you too.”  Droplets of truth which make my day from a Father who cares about the little ones and the big ones who love them.

The Association for Christian Nurses and Volunteers-Blago Organization(ACNV-B)  was given an opportunity to travel to two cities in Central Southern Ukraine with 6 American medical personnel from California USA.  We enjoyed rich fellowship and harmony on the train the first evening traveling from Kyiv to Zaporozha, our first stop of two.  The team gelled quickly and eagerly and friendships were formed with laughter and serious conversations throughout the trip.

Before we left the Ukrainian team and I packed a truck with medical supplies and clothing to be used by these two teams as they deemed necessary.  The trip was a great success as we reconnected with people we had just been with at a seminar in our Logos center.  As we met the teams in their cities there was excitement and anticipation to not only continue their new relationships but minister and learn from each other for a few days while together.

I received a request from  a hospital where we visited in the first city we visited on our trip. This request came after we arrived home and after the truck of supplies had already delivered it’s goods to our teams.  The hospital desired  some much needed medical supplies, and as I read over the list I was amazed that these were the items we had already sent to our team in the delivery truck.   More amazing was the fact that when I talked to the team leader, she and her colleagues had already distributed the items to that hospital and it was much of what they needed.  Ha!  God showed up and send the stuff needed ahead of time.

.  What a delight it was for me to be around medical people, talk over diagnoses, health issues and dreams to build this organization….all in my own language.  The team from CA  was such an encouragement and as we visited people in homes and talked with nurses from the second city, the nurses admitted that their area of weakness was the spiritual care of their clients.  when I talked with the team leader  from the first city and relayed this concern her first response was,” I’ll call the team this week and encourage them!”  God showed up in her response.

BTW– the picture in the middle here is an incentive spirometer used in Ukraine, to help with lung congestion and prophylactic use against pneumonia, CHF and other pulmonary complications related to bed ridden clients.

All for now…God does show up so look for Him to be near.



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