If You were here…

I often think, well almost weekly, think,” if my parents were here right now, I’d….

  • Tell them to close their eyes as I go through this busy intersection and scoot around cars;
  • Have them go to the Renok with me again and not get grossed out when I buy fresh cows milk or fresh eggs/cottage cheese. (so good!);
  • scl_055-3276194237-o-copyHave them learn the Lords prayer in Ukrainian so we could all say it together in worship.
  • Have them help me see the humor in things more so that the laughter bellows out often.
  • Have them enjoy listening to the people who are living at our center as they recount Gods goodness in hidden ways which are only for them to share.
  • Enjoy making cinnamon buns with mom and watch my son and dad delight in them.
  • Pray together for Gods blessings and thank Him for His richness to us. The fact that He dances over us still blows me away!
  • Introduce them to my wonderful spiritual family near where I work.  They would love to meet you.
  • Enjoy a cup of tea with some of my friends and hear about their lives.
  • Enjoy making you fresh salads, serve you fresh fruit and fresh meat(literally freshly cut especially at Thanksgiving) without the preservatives.  So tasty!
  • Have you watch the Tae Kwon Do group as they practice and communicate together.
  • Have you share our stories with the people here and see their reactions as you recount what I was like as a child.(I’d love to hear some of those stories too)
  • Love you on this side of the pond and help you understand more fully that although I miss our ebbs and flows of life together greatly, God has me where I need to be.



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