Can God Fill the Gap in an Addicts Life?

This question comes up frequently as I listen to the stories of those who come into our tent/rehab center for help.  They begin with anger against everyone, society, their families, the church and of course God.

I have learned to stop my defense of the God I love so much and allow the mostly men struggle for long hours over their bad choices, lack of love and direction and ultimately Why didn’t God stop me?

As I listen to this struggle my heart cries out to God as well.  Are You big enough to fill the Gap?  Are You big enough to make sense of this mess called life for these alcoholics?  Are You big enough??

I have learned with these questions to leave them at His feet and walk away.  Why?  This is not my story in His tapestry, but theirs.  My thread weaves in and out of their lives as we interact, pray, read and try to make sense of the battles within, however I am not their thread  and each person who comes through our doors has to answer if God is Big enough.  For me…HE IS.

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