There was a sweet spirit of anticipation as the participants attending the first of three seminars arrived and settled into their rooms.  The Association for Christian Nurses and Volunteers-Blago Organization is entering its sixth year of existence,and this first seminar of 2018 was off to a promising start.

There were eight new participants and  thirteen members total attending the first days event. What made this group special was their desire to learn and be fully engaged in the lectures, discussions and fellowship throughout the entire weekend.  There were lots of discussions around the table, and during the days events.   At the end of each evening there was time of fellowship and singing which always brings believers closer in spirit.

A particular highlight was Saturday afternoon when each team shared openly their struggles,victories, challenges and joys in caring for the homebound they served.  A feeling of care had emerged and was nurtured through prayer and kind, encouraging words from each team.  

On Sunday we sent a small team to my families long time friends home to sing and worship together with Andre and Tina. (Tina was one of Nate’s’ best friends growing up)  Andre was 23 years old and he and Tina have two little girls aged one and a half and three months.  Andre felt Jesus powerfully and they worshipped freely for sometime before he fell into a peaceful sleep.  He died the next week.  Our hearts are very heavy for Tina as she faces early widowhood, but we are seeing how she is already experiencing God as her all.  PLEASE PRAY FOR TINA, Sonia, and Liza.

At the end of the weekend event there were eight new members and two new teams established for Ministry in the Zaporozha region in central Ukraine!

Here is what two members of Blago had to say:

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