Logos is helping Women and Children in a New Way

We are blessed to be partnering with CASMI, (Come and Sew Ministries International)a non profit organization in Texas which focuses on giving women at risk a skill to call their own–sewing!  On March 13 eight women gathered for fellowship, prayer, devotions and to learn how to sew.  This course is a six month course, and will teach the participants how to sew napkins, aprons, bedding, curtains and clothing.  We are very excited at how the women have already begun to feel like a family.  They greet each other with a warm hug and kiss and eagerly share answers to prayer and challenges of raising kids.  The participants are single moms, elderly women and aged out orphans and we are having a ball!!                                                            IMG_8086.JPGIMG_8097.JPGMeanwhile we are again partnering with Vision for the Children International  (http://www.vftci.org/) to start an after school computer/homework time.    We want to target children and teens who would normally be on the streets, to come to a comfortable place, do homework, play games and hang out for a few hours. The program will be launched in April,for now my office is filled with computer equipment.

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