A Cup of Tea and Family

There are lots of ways to have a cup of tea these days.  We can sit at a cafe and sip leisurely with a friend or in the comfort of ones kitchen refilling the cups from a handmade tea-pot made in Western Ukraine.  I’ve recently taken to getting a cup of coffee or tea with my running partner as a reward for finishing a workout ,but I’m also enjoying a cup of tea over cyber with sons or parents who are not close by.  Many times these “cups of tea” are without the beverage, but the atmosphere is as though they were, full and refreshing.  Being overseas without two of my sons has me feeling quite nostalgic on many weekends and I’m thankful for the memories and future experiences we will have together.  For now, I will enjoy the different venues that God gives and know that the very best cup of tea is the one while sitting in a quiet place, waiting for my Heavenly Father to speak.  He always shows up, He is always  encouraging, Always life-giving and always present…in the moment(even when I’m distracted and not in the moment)

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