THE Association of Christian Nurses and Volunteers-Welfare Organization(ACNV-W) sent 6 members to Lachen-Speyerdorf Diakonissen Mutterhaus for the first Faith Community Nursing European Symposium.  In attendance were nurses from Germany, Finland, Great Britain, the Netherlands, America and Ukraine.  During this 4 day symposium we heard research papers written by distinguished authors and leaders in FCN.  Among the presenters were Helen Wordsworth, European Director for FCN, Ann Solari-Twadell RN, PhD,MPA, FAAN; and Dr. Beate Jakob MD. lecturer for studies and community work at Difäm – Health in the One World, the German Institute for Medical Mission ,EIF.

The Ukrainian team won the hearts of the 20 people who attended and each one  said that this was a life changing event.  For the past 3 years the ACNV-W organization has been educating nurses and volunteers across Ukraine the “Art of Caring” in a wholistic way.  The members receive a certificate of completion after attending 3weekend seminars held quarterly in Kyiv,Ukraine.  They serve and help homebound elderly and invalid people in their community as well as care for parishioners in their local churches.   They truly are the hands and feet of Jesus as they cut nails,check blood sugars, give baths and teach about pressing health issues.

“I think I know why I came to this symposium.  I realize that I can contribute to the health and wholistic care of those in my church and community.”  states the only nurse in ACNV-W at this time.

“This has been such an incredible experience for me,” states a volunteer from Zaporozha.  “I have met so many interesting people and have been so encouraged by all that I have experienced.”

“I understand that we are on the right path and have a clearer direction of our next steps needing to take to move this organization forward.” says Anatoliy, Director of ACNV-W.

We are anxious to continue our work here in Ukraine.  As we expand on the care for homebound and invalids we need your help.    If you wish to give toward  the next seminar expenses or sponsor a homebound/invalids care please donate here and Thank You in advance for your help to this ministry and vital work.  If you want more information contact the author of this blog.

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